What does it cost ?

Our hourly rates include the cleaner’s wage and our fees The rates are all inclusive and include the cleaners travelling time

How do I know the cleaner is a good cleaner?

All our cleaners have at least 2 years’ experience either with us or other companies. We interview them and check their references along with an identity check including proof of address. As well as reference checking we continually monitor their performance.

Can I meet my cleaner before the she starts?

We understand that having the right person clean your home is very important and you need to get along and have confidence in them , to that end if you prefer we will arrange a meeting with the cleaner before she starts , this is a great opportunity to get to know her and to discuss what you would like her to do and how long it might take . Of course if you are not completely satisfied with the person we sent we will sent someone else until you are comfortable.

Is there a long-term contract?

We do not tie you in to a long term contract, all that we ask is that you give us at least one months’ notice.

What if my cleaner can't make it, or is sick?

Just give us a call and we will provide you with a cleaner to cover.

What about keys – do I need to be at home?

No, our cleaners are vetted and are happy to hold your house keys. We will provide you with a Key Acknowledgement Form for your cleaner to sign.

Do you supply cleaning materials?

No normally our cleaners do not carry their own materials as the majority of our clients prefer to specify the substances used in their homes. However special arrangements can be arranged please just give us a call.

If I am not happy with my cleaner can you send a replacement?

Yes we will send you a replacement cleaner whenever you like no questions asked.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured with the following detail below Public & Products Liability @ £2,000,000 In line with all other insurance policies, there is an excess on the policy. In order to keep costs reasonable, the excess is £250 per claim.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes we do we give you our personal guarantee that we will do everything possible to ensure you are satisfied with our service.

What should I do with my pet?

Pets are not a problem If possible, introduce your pet to the cleaner at your first meeting especially if you won’t be home during the appointment. Please discuss with the cleaner what would be the best solution. In most cases the pet would just be left in the house while the cleaning takes place.

Will you send me all the details in writing?

Yes, we will send you an information pack wither via email or by post for you to review.

What will you do in my home?

Our cleaners will carry out any normal household task including Ironing. The cleaner cannot lift heavy furniture or work at height, such as up a ladder They are not insured to go up ladders but could clean the interior windows. We will send you a list of all the possible tasks that you might need doing in the information pack.

Do I have to do anything before the cleaner comes?

If you can do a little bit of tidying up this would allow the cleaner to focus all her time on cleaning and that way you will get the most out of her visit.

What Happens if my scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday?

You can discuss this with your cleaner and make arrangements to come back on another day.

What if I do not want cleaning to be done while I am away on holiday?

Please give us a call you will not be charged for the cleaning providing we have at least 14 days’ notice.


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