Giving Your Keys to the cleaner?

Giving keys to the cleaner

This is quite straightforward. As part of the information pack that we send you, there is a client key form included in that pack. The cleaner will sign for your keys and we will be responsible to look after the keys, we’re fully insured for the loss of the keys or locksmiths. The cleaner will look after your keys, and when she is finished cleaning for you she’ll either leave the key in your property on the last day that she cleans, or return and stick it through your letterbox.

However, we will not put the key in the Royal Mail, they could get lost that way. So basically the key will be returned to you by hand. But certainly give the keys to the cleaner, we have hundreds of clients that do that already with no problem whatsoever. So you can go to work, the cleaner can come, let herself in and let herself out again.