How to Interview a Housekeeper or Cleaner?

How to interview your cleaner or housekeeper.

As you’ve probably guessed, we do encourage you to meet your cleaner before she starts working. There are several reasons for that, but the main reason really is for you to get a feel for the cleaner, to make sure that she’s or he’s the right person for you because she/he is  going to  be in your house on a regular basis, so there are a few things that you should probably ask them when you see them.

 Perhaps you have some expensive wooden or marble  flooring and you have special products that you need to use on that flooring, then you should run that by the cleaner and make sure she knows exactly what to do. If you have silverware for example and you want it polished regularly, you should show them what you need doing and where the products are.

The main reason is just to generally get a feel for that person, show them what you need doing and discuss with them how long they think it’s gonna take for them to do it, and agree to the amount of work that’s got to be done within the allocated time. We only work with  experienced people. We do all the vetting and the reference checking ourselves anyway, so there’s no need for that. You can, if you want, ask them for reference of course or their experience, however there’s no need for that. It’s primarily just about getting a feel for them and making sure they understand what you expect from them and they also understand what to expect from you.