Everything you need to know about Superior Home cleaning

Everything you need to know about Superior Home Cleaning



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What Is The Contract Length?
  What is the contract length? As well as trying to make it affordable, we have tried to make the
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What To Expect From a Cleaning Lady?
What to expect from your cleaner, that’s a very good question. We charge an hourly rate and any reasonable household
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Do You Clean Outside The Property?
   Do we clean the outside of your property? The short answer is no. We don’t do external windows,
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Do You Clean Curtains or Carpets?
 Do we clean carpets? The simple answer is no. We are not carpet cleaning specialists. We can put stain
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Do Cleaners Bring Their Own Products?
  Do cleaners bring their own products? Well, most of our clients prefer to use their own products. This is
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Do I Get The Same Cleaner Every Time?
  Do I get the same cleaner every time? Yes, you do. The cleaner that comes to meet you before
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What To Do With Pets When The Cleaner Arrives?
 What to do with your pets when the cleaner arrives? Well this is entirely up to you as well,
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Commercial Cleaning ?
 Do we carry out commercial cleaning? We as a company specialise in domestic cleaning. Although we do have a
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Can I Change My Cleaner?
 Can you change your cleaner? Yes, you can. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your cleaner, then yes, we
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Can I Change How Many Hours I Have?
 Can you change how many hours you have? Yes, yes you can. Of course you can. You will have
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Are the Cleaners Employed or Self-Employed?
 Are the cleaners employed or self-employed? All our cleaners are self-employed. This offers them the flexibility of working, doing
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Are The Cleaners DBS Checked?
 Are our cleaners DBS checked? Yes, some of them are. Some of them have worked or are still working
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Will You Clean My Windows?
 Do we clean windows? Yes and no, is the answer to this question. We clean the internal windows. That’s
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Why Choose a Company over an Independent Cleaner?
 Why choose a company like ours over an independent cleaner? There are several reasons why I think you should
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What’s the Best Day to Have a Cleaner Come?
 What is the best day for a cleaner to come? Well, that is entirely up to you. When you
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How Much Cleaning Should I do Before the Cleaning Person Arrives?
How much tidying up or cleaning  should you do before your cleaner comes? Well, that’s entirely up to you. We
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How Much Is It?
 How much does it cost? This is probably the most frequently asked question. We have tried to keep the
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How Do You Recruit The Cleaners?
 How do we recruit the cleaners? Well, we advertise on the local job websites, through Facebook, and through different
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How to Interview a Housekeeper or Cleaner?
How to interview your cleaner or housekeeper. As you’ve probably guessed, we do encourage you to meet your cleaner before
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How Do I Pay?
How do you pay? Our preferred method of payment is through a company called World Pay. They are the largest
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Do You Offer a Guarantee?
Do we offer a guarantee? Yes. Yes, we do. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your cleaner, we will send
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Giving Your Keys to the cleaner?
Giving keys to the cleaner This is quite straightforward. As part of the information pack that we send you, there
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Minimum Amount Per Session or Month?
What are the minimum cleaning session lengths and contract lengths? Our minimum session length is two hours, and the minimum 
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One-off Cleans Do You Do Them?
One off cleans, do we do them? Well the short answer is no. No, we don’t. We do weekly and
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Washing and Ironing?
Do we do washing and ironing? Yes, absolutely. The washing and ironing is part of our regular cleaning service, as
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What Does the Insurance Cover?
What does the insurance cover? We have a very comprehensive insurance policy with 1 million pound public liability and one
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What Happens if the Cleaner Does Not Turn up?
What happens if your cleaner doesn’t turn up? Well, as you know, sometimes life gets in the way and the
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What if I am Not Happy with the Cleaning?
What if you’re not happy with the cleaning? If you’re not entirely satisfied with the cleaning that your cleaner has
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Can I Get Refunds?
Can you get refunds? Yes, you can. We offer refunds for any missed sessions for any reason whatsoever. We do
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What if I am on Holiday?
What happens when you’re on holiday? Well, simply put, when you’re away, you don’t pay. If you are going on
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