Minimum Amount Per Session or Month?

What are the minimum cleaning session lengths and contract lengths?

Our minimum session length is two hours, and the minimum  frequency of the sessions  is two hours a fortnight.

If you’re having weekly cleans, we would ask that you have at least four weekly cleans in a month, and if you’re having fortnightly cleans, we ask that you have six cleans over the 12 weeks or the three months.

Notice period is 30 days, but you can give notice at any time during that period, but the reason we keep it to two hours is to allow for the cleaner to travel to your property, and also  there’s not really a lot that gets done or can be measured within an hour. It generally needs to be two hours to see the difference when we’re cleaning.

With regards to fortnightly and not monthly, it’s very difficult to schedule in a person for monthly cleaning , and it’s difficult for the cleaners to actually schedule, It works much better for us if we have fortnightly cleaning.