What Happens if the Cleaner Does Not Turn up?

What happens if your cleaner doesn’t turn up?

Well, as you know, sometimes life gets in the way and the cleaner might not be able to make it to you. They should be in direct contact with you. We will give you their name and number and equally we’ll give them your name and number, but they should be able to text you or phone you to say they’re not going to make it. Hopefully there would be a way to reschedule the appointment for another day or maybe later in the day. If they have not been in touch, please call the office. We will find out what’s going on and we will try and rearrange it.

If you cannot rearrange it and that session has been missed for that week, then we will give you a refund immediately. You will not be charged for any missed sessions, but hopefully the cleaner would get in touch with you and rearrange another day or time.