What if I am Not Happy with the Cleaning?

What if you’re not happy with the cleaning?

If you’re not entirely satisfied with the cleaning that your cleaner has done for you, we can send you a replacement cleaner. That is not a problem. But what we normally find is that if there are areas that have been missed, or not done to the correct standard, a quick chat with the cleaner normally resolves all these issues, especially on the first or the second clean. Our cleaners are open to constructive criticism and won’t take offense to being told that you’re not entirely happy. Saying that, if you have spoken to your cleaner, or we can speak to them as well … Actually, you could phone us and we can talk to them. But if after that, and you’re still not satisfied, then we will send you a replacement cleaner. All our cleaners are very experienced and this very, very rarely happens. But, the option is there for us to send you a replacement.