What To Do With Pets When The Cleaner Arrives?

What to do with your pets when the cleaner arrives?

Well this is entirely up to you as well, a lot of our clients have small dogs or cats and they just leave them in the house to do what they would like to do, it’s no problem as long as they don’t get scared of the Hoover or whatever. That’s entirely up to you, you should maybe discuss this with your cleaner when you meet her, before she starts cleaning. As I say, some people like to have the pets locked in a spare room while the cleaning is going on, other people with larger dogs might ask us to let the dog out into the back garden while they’re cleaning, and then let the dog back in again when she’s finished.

It really is a flexible arrangement and during the booking process we would ask you whether you have pets or not and we would only send you a person that is friendly to dogs or cats, or not allergic and likes animals anyway. Yeah, it’s pretty flexible, it’s entirely up to you, you choose the best thing for the welfare of your pets.