What To Expect From a Cleaning Lady?

What to expect from your cleaner, that’s a very good question. We charge an hourly rate and any reasonable household task is included in the rate. So this will include  the bathrooms and the kitchens  the dusting and the hoovering and all that sort of stuff is standard.

That’s really what you should be expecting and that should be done to a very good standard. But we also  say, because you’re paying by the hour you could perhaps one week ask the cleaner to clean out the inside of the fridge. The next week, perhaps the oven.

We could also do the inside of the windows and ironing of course. We provide an ironing service` as well with the same rate within the hour. We don’t allow our cleaners to lift heavy furniture or pull out the fridge or the oven or things like that where it, it’s heavy objects.

We do not like them to work at heights. They shouldn’t work at heights or do anything that’s dangerous. So the inside of the windows would be okay but not the outside. Standing on a very small stool as long as it’s safe, that would be okay but not up a ladder. I hope that answers your questions. Thank you.