Why Choose a Company over an Independent Cleaner?

Why choose a company like ours over an independent cleaner?

There are several reasons why I think you should choose a company like ours. You don’t have to choose ours, but a company. like ours is fine. They’re several. The first one really is, if your cleaner ill or goes on holiday, you will be left without a cleaner. We would be able to provide you a cover cleaner for those missed sessions.

The second one is insurance. We are fully insured for pretty much any eventuality. You would have to check that with an independent cleaner just to make sure. We also have the policies and procedures in place to make sure that our insurance is current and valid. The third one I suppose may be the most important, is that we carry out a very stringent vetting procedure. Only one in 30 applicants get through our vetting procedure. We hold proof of address, photographic ID. We check their references, and I personally interview every cleaner myself.

The last but not least is that if anything goes wrong or you need anything, any advice or anything whatsoever, you can call us and we are on the end of the phone at any time and we will get back to you immediately.